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Required Documents

1. Information Needed From Employer

Following Details are Requested:

  • About the project
  • Place of work
  • Category in which workers are required
  • Number of workers required in each category.
  • Detailed job description in each category.
  • Minimum qualification and experience required in each category.
  • Salary and other terms and conditions offered to the employees.
  • Duration of the contract and duty hours per day and per week.
  • About Food. Accommodation and other facilities offered.
  • When the workers are required at the site.

2. Documents Required From Employers

The required documents vary from country to country but mainly six types of documents are required i.e.:

  • Demand Letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • Agreement of Manpower mobilization
  • Employment Contract Paper
  • Guarantee Letter 

1. Demand Letter: Addressed to UNIQUE OVERSEAS (P.) LTD., License No. 94/053/054 mentioning the number of workers required in each categories with salary & other benefits (See attached sample)

2. Power of Attorney: Authorizing UNIQUE OVERSEAS (P.) LTD., License No. 94/053/054 Kathmandu, Nepal to be true and lawful attorney and agent of Nepal for the fulfillment of the said Demand (See attached sample).

3. An agreement of Manpower mobilization: An agreement between the employer company andUNIQUE OVERSEAS (P.) LTD., License No. 94/053/054 regarding the manpower mobilization for the recruitment of said number of workers as per the said demand letter (See attached sample).

4. Guarantee Letter: Addressed to His Excellency "The Consular General" of Saudi Arabia in Dhaka, Bangladesh authorizing UNIQUE OVERSEAS (P.) LTD., License No. 94/053/054 Kathmandu, Nepal to be true and lawful attorney and agent of Nepal, for the fulfillment of the said Demand. (This document is needed for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only and should be in Arabic Language.)

5. Employment Agreement: Employment contract between the employer and the employee; One copy each signed and stamped by the sponsor.

Note: Demand Letter, Power of Attorney and Consulate Letter should be duly sealed and signed by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs or concerned Government Authority. 

Selection Procedure

On receiving the manpower demands from the overseas clients, as mentioned in the recruitment formalities with the complete Demand letter, Power of Attorney and Service Agreement duly attested by the Local Camber of Commerce and Industry. We will send the job order to the concerned association in the respective countries to source out the right candidate.

We Follow a detailed and scrutinized procedure to give you the right candidate as per your requirements. We will advertise in the leading Newspaper or evaluate from our databank. 


The applications forward by us are short listed by our recruitment consultants. The short-listed applicants then proceed for a pre- interview conducted by the representatives of our associates. After qualifying the pre- interview, the candidates will be prepared for the final interview along with the arrangement of their original legal certificates. 

Profile of short-listed candidates are forwarded to clients for approval.

Final Interviews: 

The selected applicants then meet the company representatives for their final selection. 

Medical Test:

The selected applicants will be sent to accredited clinics for their medical and psychological tests to ensure that they are both physically and mentally fit before joining the company. 

Verification checks and background investigations:

The selected applicants will be asked to get a character certificate from Nepal police to ensure that they have a clean background. 

Orientation programme: 

The selected applicants will be given a full orientation by the representatives of our associates regarding the nature of work, duty hours, salary, accommodation, rules and regulation of the company, Travel arrangements .etc…